NEWS & VIEWS is proud to offer this ongoing series of original reportage, commentary, and meditations on happenings in Cleveland and the Great Lakes region, provided by veteran broadcast journalist John Herrington.

And of a sudden...
November 28, 2005

Blame PL and PDK-4
September 24, 2004

To Jericho and Back
April 29, 2003

Lost 'n' Found
August 20, 2002

Lions and Lambs, et al.
March 20, 2002

Normality... Nearer?
November 26, 2001
Easing into it

Normal? What's That?
September 24, 2001

New And Familiar
July 25, 2001
The (not exactly) same old same old

The Bone Structure
March 30, 2001
This has been one long winter

Out, Damned Spot!
November 30, 2000
Chads, ads, and the decline of the Flats

Till the Fat Lady Sings
October 26, 2000
Much has passed with the summer

Notes: Sweet, Sour and Sad
September 1, 2000
Of tall ships, Camelot, and water closets

Iz Hizzoner A Goner?
May 31, 2000
A summary of spats in and around town, with some thoughts for Memorial Day

The Name Game -- Beginning with "God"
May 7, 2000
Reflections on the recent lawsuit over Ohio's state motto

Topsy-Turvy Timetable
March 20, 2000
Spring has sprung, and here's what the March winds are bringing to Cleveland

Names and Games
February 16, 2000
Big days on the calendars!